Risk Management University

Risk Management University is designed specifically to address the insurance and risk management needs of higher education. Through both on-line and classroom courses and extensive reference material we have created a learning environment that fosters ownership and accountability throughout the entire campus.

Join us and learn how you can reduce losses, improve efficiency and elevate your institution’s risk profile.

  • Trustee Liability Insurance Program:

    Being a trustee is a privilege and responsibility which may also lead to some personal liability.

    Learn about the coverage afforded by the EIIA trustee liability policy, some common causes of claims, how to reduce the vulnerability of personal involvement and what to do in the event of a claim.

  • Understanding Property Certificates of Insurance:

    Don’t file away that property certificate of insurance just yet! A hasty review is not sufficient.

    This third course in the series on certificates of insurance outlines how to read and review a property certificate of insurance and identifies common issues involving certificates from vendors.

  • Understanding Liability Certificates of Insurance:

    Inadequate insurance could end up costing your institution big, both in dollars and reputation.

    This is the second course in the series on certificates of insurance and it provides a useful analysis of how to read and review a liability certificate of insurance and identify potential pitfalls.

  • Fundamentals of Certificates of Insurance:

    Translating the insurance terms on a certificate can feel like decoding hieroglyphics.

    This first course in the certificates of insurance series addresses: What is a certificate of insurance? Why do I want a certificate? What to do with it? Included are tips on reviewing certificates.

  • Managing Liability Related to Greek Organizations:

    According to one survey, Fraternity activities are one of the biggest risks on campus.

    This course examines the exposures, legal and regulatory trends, and critical steps to effectively manage campus groups, with special focus on Greek organizations.

  • Crafting Enforceable Waivers:

    Waivers, waivers and more waivers! So many questions and the paperwork feels never ending.

    In this course we look at the logic behind waivers, how to create effective waivers and how to reduce the administrative burden of collecting and managing the paperwork.

  • Managing Property Losses:

    Successful loss management is a matter of creating order out of chaos.

    Learn best practices from EIIA’s extensive experience in handling property losses for our Members. This course examines cost versus extent of damages and replacement cost versus actual cash value.

  • Property Loss Control – Engage and Empower:

    “If you see something, say something.”

    Engage and empower your entire campus in your property loss control plan. This course examines prevention and containment, the impact of event cascades and EIIA loss control services.

  • Minors on Campus:

    Be aware of the “invisible population” of minors all around your campus.

    Learn some of the exposures presented by having minors on your campus, risk management resources to help you reduce those risks, best practices for safety committees and tips for managing activities.

  • Practical Practicum Agreements:

    Practicum agreements are a Bermuda triangle of ambiguity.

    Who is responsible for the student? What should the institution know about the practicum setting? What if the student is injured or causes injury? These questions and more are answered in this course.

  • Managing Volunteer Programs:

    For all the good work volunteers do, they can create liability.

    Learn how having a formal review process and risk management guidelines for volunteer activities can help to ensure your volunteer mission is a success.

  • Principles of Contract Management:

    How do I manage the contract process and make sure the other party has the proper insurance?

    Contracts can be very complicated. Learn the fundamentals of contract management, how to specify the insurance and risk management requirements, and maintain certificates of insurance.

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